What is GSM in Cardboard Boxes and how it effects the strength of a box?

You must have heard about GSM while you were discussing your packaging needs with your packaging solutions provider and had no idea what does it mean and why it is so talked about.

GSM stands for “Grams Per Square Meter”. If we are to explain it in simple words”GSM makes it easy for customers to understand about the quality and strength of their cardboard box.”

The higher number of GSM means heavier cardboard material. Although you will find packaging cardboard starting from 200GSM but My Box Printing offers cardboard boxes ranging from 250GSM to 1000GSM to ensure the higher quality packaging boxes to fulfil all of your packaging needs.

How much weight a cardboard box can hold based on their GSM?

Below you will find an estimated chart to understand the cardboard quality and their maximum weight including contents.


Some of The Custom Cardboard Boxes we have made for Our Clients.

Cardboard Boxes

Are you looking for similar branded cardboard boxes or have a unique design in mind? Get in touch with us today with your requirements and we will give you the best possible solution at a cost that no one can beat.

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