Bux Board Boxes: Complete Guide about Their Specifications and usage.

Bux board is by far the least expensive material in the packaging industry. Its rugged surface and wide number of customisation options make it the most favourite packaging material in retail industry where appealing boxes with eye catching designs are required. Its uneven surface makes it life longer and presents an out of the box protection to packed products. Bux board boxes offer a great deal of customisations at an affordable rate. While the list of characteristics of bux board material is long but it is most loved for following reasons.

  • Cost – The main characteristic of bux board boxes is the price. It is the most low cost packaging material and offer excellent packaging quality for any product. Bux board can be customised with a number of options to make a unique packaging box at an affordable rate.
  • Customisation – Bux board offers a wide number of customisations to make a unique packaging box. Whether you are looking for custom boxes with display windows or need an elegant look with spot uv, embossing/debossing or require shiny or dull coating, bux board has got you covered.
  • Durability – In the packaging industry, the durability of a packaging material is the main concern for many consumers. Sometimes, the products are not handled carefully and need a packaging material that can provide a great deal of protection as well as an appealing look of the packed product. That’s when bux board comes in handy. Its rugged surface provides an extra protection to the product and its durability adds up for easy handling.
  • Brand Awareness – Packaging plays and important role in a marketing and brand awareness campaign and bux board is no less than other packaging materials. It can easily be customised in any shape and design to present a classy look of the product as well as spreading the brand’s message.
  • Nature Loving – Bux board is 100% eco-friendly material. Its biodegradable property makes it to easily decompose by natural elements.
  • Food Grade – Bux Board is a food safe material and is mostly used in bakery shops to pack cakes, pastries or other food related items.
Bux Board Boxes

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