What are frosted boxes?

Frosted boxes typically refer to packaging containers or boxes that have a frosted or semi-transparent appearance. These boxes are often made from materials like frosted plastic or glass, giving them a textured, translucent, or hazy finish. The frosted effect diffuses light and adds a level of sophistication to the packaging. The semi-transparency of these boxes allows a glimpse of the contents while maintaining an elegant and discreet look. They are popular for creating a modern and upscale presentation for items where aesthetics and visual appeal are key considerations.


The specifications of frosted boxes can vary depending on the customers’ requirements and the intended use, but the common specifications are material, thickness, transparency level, texture and finishing, size, dimensions, and Closure Mechanism. Frosted boxes are typically made from materials like frosted plastic or glass, providing a semi-transparent and textured appearance. The frosted box is commonly used for the packaging of cosmetics, food items, gift items, sweets, vines & liquors, and stationery. Frosted boxes are environmentally sustainable, using recyclable or biodegradable materials.

Customisation Options:

My Box Printing offers a variety of customisations for frosted boxes, including printing, embossing, or debossing, silver or gold foil stamping, and window cutouts. All shapes and sizes are available, colour variations like single to Full-colour CMYK & PMS for branding or decorative elements.

We have made the following boxes with frosted paper for our prestigious clients.



Frosted Boxes For Naked

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