Art Card

What is art card?

Art card is a coated paperboard or card stock known for its smooth surface and high-quality finish. It is commonly used in printing and packaging for items like Product Packaging, business cards, postcards, book covers, Brochures and Flyers, Catalogs, and various promotional materials. This type of cardstock comes in different weights and thicknesses, offering flexibility for various printing and packaging applications. Art card is widely used in the printing industry, especially for projects where a polished and professional appearance is desired. Its versatility and aesthetic qualities make it a popular choice for creative and promotional materials.


Art cards are commonly crafted from paperboard, a robust paper-based material known for its durability. These cards are endowed with a smooth surface coating, this coating not only enhances the printability of art cards but also provides a glossy finish, contributing to their visual appeal. In terms of thickness, art cards come in various options, often measured in points or microns. Common choices include 12pt, 16pt, or higher, providing flexibility based on the desired sturdiness. Measured in grams per square meter (gsm) or pounds (lbs), with options such as 250gsm, 300gsm, or 350gsm. Additionally, custom dimensions can be chosen based on specific design requirements.

Printing variations we offer:

The durability of art cards is a key feature, making them suitable for various applications, especially in packaging. These cards are designed for high-quality printing, utilizing advanced technologies like offset or digital printing. Art cards are renowned for their glossy finish. My Box Printing offers glossy and matte finishes for a different aesthetic. The coating ensures that images, text, and colors appear sharp and vibrant. Customisation options abound for art cards, allowing businesses and designers to choose specific finishes, dimensions, and printing techniques like silver or gold foiling, texture printing, embossing or debossing, and spot UV that align with their brand identity.

We have made the following boxes with art cards for our prestigious clients.


Soap Boxes For Kaerlig Beauty


Pizza Boxes For Contiki


Luxury Boxes For The Water Well

worcestershire business cnetral - my box printing

Pizza Boxes For Worcestershire Business Central

custom candy boxes ripe - my box printing

Candy Bags For Ripe

purtava - my box printing

Snack Boxes For Purtava

laila - my box printing

Tooth Whitening Powder Boxes For Laila London

fi - my box printing

Spray Tan Boxes For Fresh Indulgence

cosmetic box - my box printing

Custom Printed Essential Oil Boxes For Different Brands

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