Bleach Card

What is Bleach Card?

Bleach card, also known as white lined chipboard (WLC) or solid bleached sulfate (SBS), is a type of paperboard that undergoes a bleaching process to achieve a bright white appearance. It is a high-quality and sturdy paperboard commonly used in various packaging and printing applications.


Typically featuring a smooth and even surface, bleach cards are favored for their sturdiness and durability, making them a top choice for packaging applications that demand strength and rigidity. Available in various weights, measured in grams per square meter (gsm) or pounds (lbs), common options include 250gsm, 300gsm, or higher, catering to diverse sturdiness requirements. Ranging in thicknesses measured in points or microns, such as 12pt or 16pt, bleach cards are designed for superior printability, accommodating sharp graphics and vivid colors.

Bleach card is known for its high brightness and whiteness, providing an excellent base for vibrant and clear printing. It typically has a smooth and even surface, making it suitable for high-quality printing and packaging applications like Texture printing, Embossing, Debossing, and Silver, or gold foiling. It is sturdy and durable, making it ideal for packaging applications where rigidity and strength are essential. It may have coatings to enhance its printability and provide additional protection or finishes like gloss or matte.


Bleach card is widely used for manufacturing packaging boxes for various products, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food items, etc. Its sturdiness and durability render it a preferred choice for packaging boxes across diverse industries, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food products, cosmetic packaging, book covers, postcards, cereal boxes, pharmaceutical packaging, and many more.

We have made the following boxes with bleach cards for our prestigious clients.


Skincare Product Boxes For Sinlen

sk lip pouts - my box printing

Lipstick Boxes For SK Lip Pouts

trepadora - my box printing

Hair Care Product Boxes For Trepadora

herba - my box printing

Skincare Product Boxes For Herba Skincare

peroni - my box printing

Presentation Boxes For Peroni

amorr - my box printing

Soap Boxes For Amori

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