Bux Board

Bux board

Bux board stands out as the most economical choice in the packaging industry. Its robust surface and extensive customisation options make it the preferred packaging material in the retail sector, particularly for creating visually appealing boxes with captivating designs. The uneven surface of the bux board not only enhances its lifespan but also provides exceptional protection to the packaged products, ensuring durability and out-of-the-box safeguarding. Bux board boxes offer a myriad of customisation possibilities at a budget-friendly rate. While the list of bux board characteristics is extensive, it is especially cherished for the following reasons.


Bux board provides a wide range of customiszation options to craft distinctive packaging boxes. Whether seeking custom boxes with display windows, an elegant look with spot UV, embossing/debossing, or requiring glossy or matte coating, the bux board caters to diverse customisation needs. The standout feature of bux board boxes is their cost-effectiveness. As the most budget-friendly packaging material, bux board delivers excellent packaging quality for various products. It allows for extensive customisation options to create unique packaging boxes at an affordable price. Durability is a primary concern in the packaging industry, and the bux board addresses this by offering robust protection. Its rugged surface not only shields the product but also ensures easy handling, making it ideal for products that may not always be handled with utmost care.

Importance of Bux Board:

Packaging plays an important role in marketing and brand awareness, and bux board excels in this aspect. Easily customisable in various shapes and designs, it presents a sophisticated image of the product while effectively conveying the brand’s message. My Box Printing prefers Bux board because it is a 100% eco-friendly material with biodegradable properties, allowing it to decompose naturally. This eco-conscious feature aligns with sustainable practices and environmental considerations. Bux board is recognized as a food-safe material, making it a prevalent choice in bakery shops for packaging cakes, pastries, and other food items. Its suitability for food-related applications adds to its versatility and utility in various industries.

We have made the following boxes with Bux Board for our prestigious clients.

empire artisan - my box printing

Chocolate Boxes For Empire Artisan Chocolates

scarlet - my box printing

Promotional Gift Boxes For Scarlet

pizza boxes - my box printing

Pizza Boxes For Wisdom Clothing

jandals - my box printing

Shoe Boxes For Jandals

les deux - my box printing

Chocolate Boxes For Les Deux Magots

pizza cioccolato - my box printing

Pizza Boxes For Pizza Cioccolato

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