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My Box Printing do not offer next day delivery. Normally orders are dispatched in 10-12 working days, within UK. Our normal shipping charges are for UK mainland only. For all Channel Islands and other countries inside Europe and outside, please discuss with sales representative. Our final invoice will contain taxes, shipping charges and there will be no hidden cost. We understand that parcels are important but due to weather and other issues, deliveries can be delayed and damage. Please contact our shipping agent directly (DHL, FedEx or Royal Mail normally) for shipping related issues once the order has been shipped. The customer agrees that the ownership transfers to customer upon shipment. This means that the risk of loss, damage and title for such items pass to you (customer/purchaser/buyer) upon delivery to the carrier. My Box Printing will not accept any claim or responsibility. It is sole responsibility of customer to check items, and apply for claims/mishandling to the carrier.

Policy and Procedure for Accepting Shipments:-

To protect you from liability, do not sign delivery receipt until shipment has been inspected thoroughly. Refuse to accept the shipment/carton if damage is visible. We cannot help you file a claim for any damage or missing items discovered after delivery receipt is signed. Your custom packaging orders can be delivered from any of our warehouse across the globe i.e it can be from New York, Lahore, Sydney or London offices. This depends on the quantity, priority and nature of your order. If for any reasons your parcel incur any custom or duty charges please pay directly to our shipping agent as soon as possible to avoid delays. Kindly share your receipt for the Duty and Customs payment, so it can be reimbursed by us.

Returns and Refund Policy:-

All of our manufactured products are custom made and have No Resale Value. All sales are Final. CAREFULLY REVIEW EVERY DETAIL OF THE DIGITAL PROOF before making payments and approving your order for manufacturing. Once a digital proof is approved by customer by replying to email or chat, My Box Printing is not responsible for any copy, design errors including misspellings, date or colour variations. The digital proof colours may vary with actual manufactured product due to digital screens and human eye colour variations. Once manufacturing has been started, customer is responsible for paying entire amount for that order along with shipping charges and taxes. In some cases, refund may be extended to the customer if no work has been done by My Box Printing on that order. Kindly note that such refund would be adjusted to cover a minimum cancellation charges of 25% per job. My Box Printing cannot be held responsible for damage to its products due to unforeseen or uncontrollable weather circumstances and also by the shipping company. All complaints must be registered within 3 days of receipt of your final order. Please note in most cases minimum of 14 working days will be required to investigate claim. In addition, 7 working days will be required to process the refund. Photographic references will mostly be required to conclude the complaint. It is the responsibility of the customer to return the rejected or unacceptable pieces to our designated warehouse at their own expense. We will not accept any refund or return claim if the item is modified or tempered. All returned items must be in original packaging and in full quantity. If some quantities were utilised then we bear no responsibility and return claim can not be submitted. My Box Printing will put all quality standards in place to deliver the product with same colour, material, artwork and other nomenclature, However in all circumstances we can not guarantee delivery of exact product due to nature of manufacturing process on all custom orders. It is the responsibility of customer to keep enough time before deadlines in case a replacement of product is required due to unforseen circumstances.

Payment Terms:-

My Box Printing accepts Bank Account transfers or Cash deposit to our bank accounts with reference. Orders will only be processed once Cheque, Cash or bank transfer funds are completely accessible by My Box Printing. For limited use, we also offer PayPal options for more convenience to our customers. Since our orders are purely customized and have no Resale value, therefor, Customer cannot request for refunds with Banks, PayPal or other financial authority once order has been approved for manufacturing.

Return Policy for Samples for Review:-

All samples sent to MBP for artwork and product review will be held in storage for 7 working days before disposal ( 3 days for fresh food and flammable items) . It is the responsibility of customer to send special delivery return envelopes/boxes with the samples along with recipient name and address. There is an additional handling charge of £11 to return samples. If customer wants to use our postage service kindly inform customer support staff in advance.

Our maximum sampling quantity is up to 10 pieces. Customer has to pay sampling charges which covers but not limited to printing, production, Packaging and shipment charges. MBP’s packaging team will decide the quantity to be sent which depends on setup cost and package size.

Note:- Terms and Conditions are agreed if the user is using this website. My Box Printing have the rights to modify and change these terms and conditions without prior notice. Due to the rising inflation, COVID, BREXIT and unpredictable raw material price changes, all quotes are only valid for 15 days; a new price will be accessed prior to order acceptance. Since COVID started we do not take responsibilities for delays due to supply chain disruption i.e. unavailability of materials and logistics issues, so the orders can delayed upto 45 days. If in case the order delayed more than 45 days, company will provide 15% refund of the total order value in some circumstances.

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