Silk Card

What is Silk Card Stock?

Silk card packaging material refers to packaging materials, often boxes or containers, that incorporate silk cardstock or paper in their construction. This type of packaging material combines the luxurious and smooth texture of silk cards with the functionality of packaging.


silk cardstock is characterised by its smooth and luxurious texture, providing a tactile and high-end feel to the packaging surface. With a thickness that exceeds standard cardstock, silk cardstock ensures durability and sturdiness, offering protection to the enclosed items. One of the distinctive features of silk cardstock is its excellent printability. This material allows for sharp and vibrant printing, accommodating intricate designs, logos, and text with precision. The smooth surface of silk cardstock is conducive to various printing techniques, including embossing, debossing, silver and gold foil stamping, and spot UV coating, allowing for customisation and unique branding opportunities.

What sets silk cardstock apart

In terms of appearance, silk cardstock often exhibits a soft glow that enhances the overall aesthetic of the packaging. This slight gloss contributes to a sophisticated and premium visual appeal. The versatility of silk cardstock extends to its compatibility with different types of packaging, such as product boxes, gift boxes, and promotional materials, making it suitable for various industries. Silk cardstock is chosen for its ability to convey a sense of luxury and attention to detail, aligning with the brand image of high-quality products. Its adaptability to different printing techniques and applications makes silk cardstock a sought-after material for creating distinctive and impactful packaging materials across a range of industries.

We have made the following boxes with silk cards for our prestigious clients.

radiant salon - my box printing

Wig Bags For Radiant London Salon

hello gorgeous - my box printing

Makeup Sponge Boxes For Hello Gorgeous

glitter lips - my box printing

Glitter Boxes For Hello Gorgeous

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