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Subscription Boxes

Our Motto “Customer First” – Proven

My Box Printing has always put customers before our profit. This sounds like it’s a white lie but this is our commitment. Believe me, this is why we are an industry leader. We are going to share an example or of our recent fulfillment to our motto. We were contacted by Team Annex for a product box […]

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Glitter Packaging Boxes

Salient Features of Our Custom Made Lipstick Packaging Boxes and Christmas Discount Update

Today We will talk about the features of our custom made lipstick boxes that make them stand out from others. We have made branded lipstick packaging boxes for many of our clients that you can view on our product page. So let’s embark on a journey to find the reasons that make us the trusted […]

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Popcorn Boxes and Bags

What is So Special About Our Popcorn Boxes?

My Box Printing is trusted by major corporations in UK whenever they require personalised popcorn boxes for their parties or events. We have provided ultra quality popcorn boxes to almost every major name in UK.  Be sure to check our portfolio page to get better insight. Below are some highlights of the popcorn boxes that […]

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Pizza Boxes

Get 10% Discount On Promotional Pizza Boxes

Christmas is not far now. It’s only matter of days to finalise the preparations for your Christmas party. We understand that the event planning is a very stressful. A lot can go wrong. And you have to look upon every minor detail to pull a perfect party. And a tiny miss can ruin your celebrations. […]

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Lipstick Packaging Boxes

Order Lipstick Packaging Boxes Before Christmas And Get 10% Price Off

If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer to make custom lipstick packaging boxes for product, you have come to the right place. My Box Printing offers best solutions in the industry when it comes to produce packaging boxes that will not only help in brand awareness but will also make your product shine while […]

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Rock Your New Year Party With Custom Confectionery Packaging Boxes And 10% Discount

Having a new year party and serving your guests with sweets and confectioneries is always a good idea. It gives you an opportunity to spend time with your loved ones and refreshments you serve show your affection and appreciation. So you are planning a party and want it to rock. Yo would want to take […]

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This Christmas, Save Big On Custom Cupcake Boxes

Christmas is near. And you are planning a party for your staff and looking to serve them with refreshments containing cupcakes. You are going to limits to make your party night as special as it can be. When everything is classy and out of the box then why your cupcake packaging boxes have to be […]

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Highlights Of Tobacco Labeling Regulations 2016

IN March 2015, MPs voted for standardised tobacco packaging regulations which were implemented on 20th May 2016 across UK. British government has followed Australia, the country that introduced standardised tobacco packaging in 2012, in efforts to reduce smoking consumption in UK. Certain Highlights of these regulations are listed below while more information can be found on […]

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