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Flat Pack Packaging Boxes

6 Awesome Cardboard Candy Packaging Designs / Branding For Inspiration

Children or Adults, everyone love candies, lollipops or jelly beans. Candies are not only sweet and delicious but also has dazzling appealing colours and shapes which make them more irresistible. Spectacular, vivid and pretty looking candies always sell the most, as they mesmerise their customers which are usually kids. So we are showing you some really cool cardboard candy […]

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Say Farewells To 2016 With Hefty Discount

2016 is coming to an end. A Lot has happened. some good some worse. But this was a wonderful year altogether. This year is special for us in many ways. We supplied packaging boxes to many of the big names in UK & Europe. And helped many startups to save money on their packaging boxes […]

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Bakery Packaging Boxes

Custom Bakery Packaging Boxes – Role & Benefits

If you own a bakery, then you already know the importance of packaging boxes for bakery items. A personalised bakery packaging box will not only ensure it’s safety while your product is being transported but will also retain its freshness to give your customer the experience that he’d expect. Material: Bakery boxes are made of […]

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Frosted Packaging Boxes

Features & Usage of Our Custom Frosted Boxes With A Promotional Discount

Frosted Boxes are used when retailers want to display the contained product while keeping it safe from damage and outside elements like germs and pollution. My Box Printing is the leader in providing custom frosted boxes. Features of Our Frosted Boxes: Our latest technology equipped production facility has the ability to produce frosted boxes in […]

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History of Gifts At Christmas & Our Gift To Celebrate Christmas With Our Clients

Christmas is the most awaited time of the year to exchange gifts. We love to give gifts on Christmas and love more when we receives gifts. It shows our love and compassion for our loved ones. But when this tradition started? It is widely believed that this tradition started when three wise men gave gifts […]

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Gable Packaging Boxes

What Are Gable Boxes And Their Most Usage?

Gable boxes are the versatile packaging boxes in modern world. Giving the benefits of a bag and a box, gable boxes can be used as food packaging boxes, gift boxes and many more. Making a name among top packaging boxes, gable boxes are eye-catching, solid, and profitable for business. Features Of Gable Boxes: Versatility – Equipped with handle, […]

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Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

10% Christmas Discount on Custom Cosmetics Packaging Boxes

My Box Printing has a history of facilitating its customers with the top notch services and providing hefty discounts on every occasion. This is our policy to celebrate events with our customers. As always, we have announced a 10% off on our custom cosmetic packaging boxes this Christmas. Get benefited from this generous offer and order your […]

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Hat Packaging Boxes

What Are The Features Of Our Custom Hat Packaging Boxes

My Box Printing offers personalised hat packaging boxes made with corrugated-cardboard and silk card and has provided many business with their packaging boxes needs when they need elegant and durable boxes to pack their in-house hats. We will take you on a walk through specialties of our custom printed hat packaging boxes. Special Features: Customisation: Our […]

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