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Highlights Of Tobacco Labeling Regulations 2016

IN March 2015, MPs voted for standardised tobacco packaging regulations which were implemented on 20th May 2016 across UK. British government has followed Australia, the country that introduced standardised tobacco packaging in 2012, in efforts to reduce smoking consumption in UK. Certain Highlights of these regulations are listed below while more information can be found on this document provided by  the Chartered Trading Standards Institute and Action on Smoking and Health (ASH).

  • Colour – According to these regulations, tobacco manufacturing companies can use single colour(Pantone 448 C opaque couché) on their packaging boxes.
  • Health Warnings – The pictorial health warnings will expand to cover 60% of packaging design.
  • Branding – Companies are forbidden to use eye catching or interesting branding on the packaging. They are bound to use standard font, size and location for their branding.
  • Transitional Period – While these regulations have come to place immediately, however, companies are allowed for one year transitional period for already sold stock. But From 21st May 2017, No old designs will be on shelves of stores.
Standardised cigarette packs in Australia. From today, similar packs will begin to be seen in the UK.

Standardised cigarette packs in Australia. From 20th May 2016, similar packs began to be seen in the UK. Photo By Tobacco in Australia