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History of Corrugated Cardboard Pizza Boxes – An Overview

It is widely known that pizzas are best served direct out of oven but about billions of pizzas are being delivered monthly. With increase in delivery orders, pizza makers aspired to come up with a pizza box that could contain the freshness of pizza. In 1950s, pizzas were delivered in simple cardboard boxes. But this was not the complete solution as it got wet by the heat of pizza and humidity stored in the pizza box could affect the taste of pizza.

pizza boxes

Legend has it that the modern pizza boxes are result of domino’s extensive research and quest for a delivery box as their business mainly focused on delivery orders. No matter what your views are about domino’s but they surely made an impact in history of pizza packaging.

Today pizza boxes are made of corrugated paper with holes on sides. This design and material is almost followed by every pizzeria in the world as these boxes are anti-absorbent and the holes allow the steam to fly out of the box so that the pizza contained in the box doesn’t get affected by humidity and retain its taste as well as it keeps the pizza hot for more time.

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