Why Cardboard Jewelry Boxes Are Getting Popular and What Are The Benefits?

With growing use of cardboard in manufacturing the packaging boxes, jewelry boxes made of cardboard are making their way in higher demands which makes many manufacturers to wonder and think about it’s importance and high popularity. That is something that we will be covering in our today’s article.

Cardboard Jewelry Packaging Boxes

Jewelry can be a perfect gift for a little girl on her birthday or Christmas and cardboard packaging boxes for jewelry items can be a perfect option to introduce a girl to collect jewelry and keep them safe in a good packaging box. Some smaller jewelry items like a ring doesn’t look good in a packaging bag thus require a custom packaging box to impress the consumer and thus require a packaging box that perfectly contains the item inside. But traditional packaging box costs more than a box of same specifications but made with cardboard.

Jewellery Packaging Boxes

Size & Shape: 

Custom cardboard boxes can be made into any size and can have a simple or complex design. Having capabilities to incorporate complex designs make cardboard boxes can target even broader customer base. Starting from simply designed smaller sized boxes to replicate the bigger sized adult-focused wood-made boxes with drawers, mirrors and compartments, cardboard jewelry boxes can be made to look more like their adult counterparts.


Cardboard boxes are made from recycled material which makes them affordable than traditional jewelry boxes. All cardboard boxes are made from natural renewable resources which brings the manufacturing costs to very low level and save extra bucks for companies.


Cardboard jewelry boxes made with care and precision possess ultra high quality and are no less boxes made with wood.


Ability to print on cardboard boxes is another reason when companies are choosing these jewelry boxes. Highly decorated cardboard jewelry boxes can have custom printing that will attract costumers and help them making a decision to buy the product.

Nature Friendly:

As we discussed above that all cardboard boxes are made from natural renewable resources, these boxes can be recycled or bio-degraded naturally. Their eco-friendly nature not only saves money but also doesn’t bring any harm to our natural habitat.

Why You Should Order Cardboard Jewelry Boxes From My Box Printing?

Our production facility can produce 100,000 units in one day making your order to be completed in a fast track manner. And we also provide free finishing with matte or gloss lamination and will dispatch your boxes via expedite shipping while costing you no extra dime.


If you are impressed with what we offer or still needs some more information, we encourage you to contact us via request a quote form and we will answer your every question.

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