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gold foiling

What is Foil Stamping and what are most commonly used foiling types?

Foil stamping or most commonly known as foil application is mostly a commercial printing procedure where a metallic or pigmented foil is applied on to a slid surface by pressing a heated dye onto a foil and making it permanently stick to the surface and leave a design. Most commonly used metallic foils are gold, […]

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Cardboard Boxes

What is GSM in Cardboard Boxes and how it effects the strength of a box?

You must have heard about GSM while you were discussing your packaging needs with your packaging solutions provider and had no idea what does it mean and why it is so talked about. GSM stands for “Grams Per Square Meter”. If we are to explain it in simple words”GSM makes it easy for customers to […]

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Bux Board Boxes: Complete Guide about Their Specifications and usage.

Bux board is by far the least expensive material in the packaging industry. Its rugged surface and wide number of customisation options make it the most favourite packaging material in retail industry where appealing boxes with eye catching designs are required. Its uneven surface makes it life longer and presents an out of the box […]

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Corrugated Board: Comprehensive Guide about Material, Types & Strength for Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated cardboard is commonly used to manufacture packing and shipping cartons. With availability of different types of corrugated boxes in the market, corrugated cardboard boxes are mostly considered as favourite packaging box where safety and protection of packed item is needed, especially in the long distance shipping. Light in weight and sturdy in packaging are […]

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Easter Cake Boxes

Save Big on Easter Meal Desserts Packaging Boxes

Easter is coming and My Box Printing wants to celebrate the festival with our customers by offering a big discount. Get custom cake boxes with personalised easter wishes and branding and save 20%. Order early to ensure delivery before 16th April.

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Easter Sale

Easter Discount on Branded Popcorn Boxes

My Box Printing has a tradition of celebrating events with it’s customers with hefty discounts. Keeping this tradition afloat, we have announced 20% discount on our custom popcorn boxes for easter parties. Now get your brand, message or other advertising material on popcorn boxes and serve your guests a tasty treat. So hurry and place […]

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Subscription Boxes

Our Motto “Customer First” – Proven

My Box Printing has always put customers before our profit. This sounds like it’s a white lie but this is our commitment. Believe me, this is why we are an industry leader. We are going to share an example or of our recent fulfillment to our motto. We were contacted by Team Annex for a product box […]

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Glitter Packaging Boxes

Salient Features of Our Custom Made Lipstick Packaging Boxes and Christmas Discount Update

Today We will talk about the features of our custom made lipstick boxes that make them stand out from others. We have made branded lipstick packaging boxes for many of our clients that you can view on our product page. So let’s embark on a journey to find the reasons that make us the trusted […]

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